The hotels are AMAZING. Cairn Travels has great taste and everything was perfect! Our family had more than a five star time. – Jette Youngblood

Elizabeth helped us set up a vacation for ten family members from three generations — it was fabulous! She listened thoughtfully to what we were looking for, came back with several options, helped me think them through, refine our priorities, and end up with the perfect trip. We are still reveling in the memories.  Our goal was a no stress, beach week that would be enjoyed by various age groups traveling from multiple states.  She addressed big-picture issues like safe international travel under COVID conditions and comfortable transportation between locations, and small details, like how to exchange money and where to have a festive dinner on our last night.  She provided wise counsel when I was having a challenging time with COVID concerns and checked in with us during our adventure!  Diane Baker & Francis Collins

Elizabeth has helped me be a better global citizen. I am so grateful to have her hold my hand as I step out. Thank you a million times!Margee Herring

While we had parts of our trip to Guatemala sketched out in our heads, Elizabeth of Cairn Travels did an excellent job of honing in the details and making things easy and seamless for us. There are a lot details to consider when traveling to a developing country, particularly during a global pandemic, and Cairn Travels was instrumental to making our trip a success. Without question, Cairn Travels will play a role in all of our major trips going forward! Walker & Allison Abney

Cairn Travels took a lot of research and anxiousness out of planning our trip and it delivered right on the spot!  – David Oehler

View from our room In PragueSarah Stone

Fantastic trip to Sarasota due to Elizabeth’s hard work!  She made my dream reality.  Neither one of us had ever been to Sarasota so a remarkable feat to get it right.  From the beginning, she listens carefully to what you are saying, asks questions to clarify what you want, and continually works with you during the process.  Despite my extensive personal research and thinking about the trip, she had sources most travelers don’t have and clout to reduce costs and get more favorable terms.   Picking flights, taxis and hotels is important, and she knows what to do and who to choose.  My trip was different from the usual, because it had two purposes:  possible relocation and pure pleasure at the beach and in the city.  That’s hard to reconcile because those purposes clash, but she managed it perfectly.  She stayed in touch throughout the trip and even after.  She cares; you are not just another difficult client.  She went above and beyond what anyone can expect from an agent.  When things went sideways (and they always do), she was ready with help and answers.  In today’s barely post-Covid world, airlines change flights  times and seating, hotels constantly change terms, and destinations open and close without notice.  Hard to believe, but large corporations can have dysfunctional moments and screw things up.  This didn’t happen often, but when it did, she was ready to step in and put things back on track.  Something went wrong, she fixed it.  I thought travel agents like Elizabeth had disappeared back into the 20th century, but she proved the opposite and more, that they can be even better than those of yesteryear.Mike Progus 

Having a traveler for a travel agent is priceless!  Elizabeth helped us set up an amazing itinerary from start to finish after listening to what we wanted to gain from the experience.   Elizabeth’s expertise was also invaluable in saving time and money which not only took the stressors away from setting up the trip but also made everything simplified while we were on the trip.  I am thankful that we used Cairn Travels and am looking forward to doing it again in the future.  THANK YOU! Steve Jenson

Cairn Travels found us this hidden gem high up in the forest of St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Elizabeth organized our travels to and from St. John, arranged our provisions, and handled every need along the way. It was such an easy and wonderful trip!Taylor Smack

We have been having an unforgettable experience! Riding horses and going to the waterfall today was amazing. -Boris Torres

We recently returned from a wonderful, escorted trip to the Dordogne region of France with Cairn Travels!  Every aspect of the trip was meticulously planned to offer unique experiences, spanning the spectrum from  “off the beaten path” roadways, picturesque villages and countryside, charming accommodations, to quaint cafes and Michelin 5* restaurants.  Elizabeth Rogers puts her heart and soul into what she does to make the travel experience as diverse and enjoyable as possible.  She listens to what her clients are interested in seeing and doing, adjusting her itinerary, when possible, to make a plan even better.  Whatever your destination may be, we are confident that Elizabeth will use her cadre of resources to make your trip one of the best ever! -Mary & Louis Basten 

After decades of traveling all over the world, I had pretty high expectations for the trip that Elizabeth put together in the fall of 2021. Our itinerary included absolutely stunning small towns in southern France. But more fantastic than the art and architecture and history was the wonderful camaraderie among the group. I highly recommend Cairn travel for anyone who’s looking for a unique experience that is casual, yet elegant, and fun, but not too fast paced. I’m about to embark on my second trip with Elizabeth, and I’m super excited about my third trip to Vietnam in the spring of 2023!– Laura Marlow

As an adult well into midlife, I find it is unusual to have events in life exceed my expectations. When it comes to planning vacations, I have read that the anticipation of a vacation can be more exciting than the actual experience. Allow me to talk about my experience with Cairn Travels. I have wanted to go to Morocco for as long as I can remember having understood it as a concept. When I heard that Cairn Travels was planning a guided tour of Morocco, I jumped at the opportunity to go. The hotel where we stayed was beautiful, clean, superbly staffed, and everything I could have wanted and more. Elizabeth’s attention to detail astounds me: she hired wonderful guides that educated us and were personable.  We learned the history of the country and the processes of some of the major exports of the country. We laughed and enjoyed great food, wonderful shopping, and beautiful gardens. I think the part I enjoyed the most was having a structured itinerary that allowed free time to have my own experiences. It was a magical and amazing trip that gave me moments of unmitigated joy. If you want to take a trip of a lifetime, go on vacation with Cairn Travels! -Miriam Oehrlein

My husband and I typically plan our own trips abroad so we were hesitant to let someone else do it for us.  At some point, we realized that we weren’t putting trips on the calendar because we just didn’t have the time to do the research and plan them! Elizabeth of Cairn Travels was a dream guide during our recent trip to Morocco. We throughly enjoyed experiencing a new part of the world without the stress and hassle.  There was a general itinerary with fantastic scheduled group trips but we were always welcome to strike out on our own if desired. We were extremely satisfied with our travel experience and can’t wait for Elizabeth to plan another trip for us!

-Nadine Antonelli

-video with Anne Moore

I enjoyed the group of travelers and the unique lodging in Marrakech.  The Riad was great! Elizabeth’s planning and attention to details made the trip both a pleasure and memorable experience.  The combination of active tours and independent time was a great way to discover the city and region.  Looking forward to traveling with Cairn Travels again.  -Betty Richard

I have to send a huge shout out, thank you ❤️ ! Spending a week in Morocco was the absolute best. Cairn Travels put together the most fabulous week. Thank you! Cheers to the next adventure together. – Vicki Leavitt

Having taken three of Elizabeth’s trips I can easily tell you that each one has been an absolute joy.  The guided trips are well thought out, curated adventures allowing you to experience not just the sights, but the history and culture of a place.  In Morocco, we visited not only the city of Marrakesh but also the Atlas Mountains where we found a saffron farm, a cooperative where Argan oil is made, and the seaside town of Essaouria too.  These are not one-note trips – if you are on a guided trip with Cairn Travels, you will spread out and see varied landscapes of the destination. France too – we landed in Toulouse, and toured the Dordogne River Valley, the countryside of villages, and enjoyed the regional cuisine.  We just returned from a trip to Vietnam where we landed in Hanoi and stayed in a lovely hotel in the Old Quarter and from there we spread out to Mai Chau and Moc Chau, and to Ha Long Bay on an overnight Indochina Junk boat cruise – it was amazing! The accommodations are always 5-star, and the dinners that are included are always well researched and fabulous.  And she somehow does this at such an affordable price – I don’t know that secret, but we enjoy it and will go again. – Belinda & Mark Keller