CAIRN: pronounced [kehrn]

Human-made stack or pile of rocks; built by cultures around the world, most notably as monuments and navigational aids. They may stand alone or in a network; for example as trail markers.

People interrupt their lives with vacations and travel in order to relax, have fun and be treated to the thrill of new cultural experiences in foreign locations. However, planning a vacation is time consuming and rarely a joyous occasion.

If you long for such enjoyment and desire the excitement that travel can bring, I can help make it happen as your personal travel advisor.

Specializing in custom designed travel for families, couples and friends and with a vast network of Cairn Travels partners across the globe, I design complete trip itineraries that will keep you entertained every step of the way; or, I can assist by pointing you in the right direction and offering insight to the secrets of your vacation destination.

Family vacations, couples get-aways, solo travel, eco-travel, safaris, adventure vacations, all-inclusive vacations, fishing trips, culinary travel, backpacking trips, group travels, luxury vacations, you name it, Cairn Travels will plan it!

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