Grand Canyon Rafting

A rafting trip in the Grand Canyon is a vacation many people dream of. This five day adventure includes a helicopter transfer, Dude Ranch and some of the best rafting in the world.

John Wesley Powell’s expedition down the Green and Colorado Rivers in 1869 can easily be anointed the greatest first descent of all time. Yet even 150 years later, no other river descent has probed as many virtually unknown canyons as Powell’s mission, culminating with the Grand Canyon—the one that all river trips are measured by, even today. This 93 mile stretch of the Colorado offers broader, more open views of the Grand Canyon and contains relatively modest rapids compared to the giants upstream, but still provides plenty of fun whitewater. Float through spectacular scenery in the Hurricane fault zone before heading west into the final majesty of the Lower Granite Gorge. The Grand Canyon will overwhelm you with its scale, its kaleidoscope of colors and its sheer physicality. Get ready for the experience of a lifetime.

A rafting trip in the Grand Canyon is a vacation many people dream of. This five day adventure includes a helicopter transfer, Dude Ranch and some of the best rafting in the world.

Day 1: This morning you will be meet in Las Vegas and transported by van and small plane to a Ranch on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. The magnificent Grand Canyon and the Colorado River are in the back yard of this family run ranch! Get ready for an afternoon of ranch activities including horseback riding, horseshoe pitching, hiking, and skeet shooting.

Supper features a hearty Dutch-oven meal with green salad, homemade rolls, coffee and punch. After dinner, soak up the breathtaking panorama of the canyon as it flaunts its colorful sunset wardrobe. As the sun sets for the day, the crew will entertain you with country-western entertainment. A bedtime snack of homemade cookies or fresh watermelon caps off the evening and you’ll retire to the peaceful sounds of the open country and the Wild West.

Day 2: The aroma of a country breakfast gently awakens you. Following breakfast, you’ll fly by helicopter to the river’s edge at Whitmore Wash where your river guides await your arrival.

After repacking your gear into the waterproof bags and a safety talk, it will be time to load the rafts, fit you with a personal flotation device (PFD) and start down the river. Each day varies, but on average you’ll spend three to five hours on the boats. The rest of the time is spent hiking and exploring side canyons, eating, or just relaxing in camp. 

Day 3: In the morning, the first wake-up call will let you know that coffee, hot water for tea or cocoa, juice, fresh fruit and cold cereal are ready on the hors d’oeuvres table. Fill your mug and grab a bite, then begin to pack up your personal belongings and sleep gear as the guides prepare breakfast. After breakfast is served, the entire camp will be broken down and packing will be completed. Today your whitewater hunger will soon be satisfied in the churning waters of the rapids. Spend a delightful day discovering these splashy, fun-filled rapids. More than just whitewater, however, the trip affords an opportunity to hike and explore this exquisite desert wonderland.

Day 4: On the last full day on the river, slip past Diamond Creek and before entering the lower Granite Gorge. We make our final camp at or just above Separation Rapid.

Day 5: This morning, board the jet boat for the journey downstream to Lake Mead. From here, travel by van shuttle (approximately 3-hour ride) to the Las Vegas McCarran International Airport.